Pet Export

If you’re planning on taking your pet away from the UK for a holiday or perhaps for a permanent move abroad, you will probably already know part of how much is involved and might be somewhat confused by the array of paperwork involved. Or perhaps you simply just don’t have the time to sort it all out.

Import Pets

This is where Jet Set Pets come in; we are experts in this area, with years of experience in moving all kinds of animals all over the world. Why not let us take over all the hard work and stress associated with this part of your travel arrangements so that you can focus on all the things that you need to do, to ensure that your own arrangements are in place?

It doesn’t matter if it’s just a simple Pet Passport to Portugal or a permanent pet move to Patagonia, we can handle anything and everything for you. We’ll make sure that if your pet needs exercise prior to travelling, we will do this for you. In fact, no matter what specific requirements your pet may have, we will provide them with anything they need. Our aim is always to make it as comfortable and calm an experience as possible for your pet.

Jet Set Pets offer a full pet export service from the UK which is about as comprehensive as they come, but more importantly we maintain as an absolute priority, the health and happiness of your pet throughout the whole journey.

We will pick up your pet from any location in the UK and take them to the airport, making sure that they are well looked after, as you would, throughout the entire time that they are with us. Of course, if you prefer we can meet you and your pet at the airport, whichever is best for you.


We will make absolutely sure that your pet’s veterinary requirements are met, we will make every effort to put your pet onto the most direct flight possible, to minimise their travel time and reduce any stress.

Your pet will be flown in a fully IATA approved pet container. But of course, and we will also organise all of the necessary documentation that will be required for your pet’s journey so that you can be sure there are no last minute problems.

Jet Set Pets believe that you will not find a better, more caring or comprehensive service for your pet’s travel plans, so why not get a quote now, using our online quotation form? Or simply give us a call on 0208 564 5584, if you have any questions that we can help you with.